Qinwan Story

It started with a gift. A small selection of Medjool dates given with love by two brothers to their family and friends. The dates were enjoyed over coffee and at small gatherings, helping to create memorable experiences. Everyone was in agreement – the dates were delicious. They wanted more. 

To meet demand, the brothers decided to open a small point of sale in Doha. Drawing inspiration from the Arabic term for the branch that palm dates grow on, they named their new brand Qinwan. They approached Qatar’s leading branding agency to design packaging that was as beautiful, fresh, and premium on the outside as the Medjool dates on the inside. 

News of Qinwan’s dates quickly spread. Customers told their families and friends about the Medjool’s delightful taste of rich caramel, hints of wild honey, and subtle touch of cinnamon. The Qinwan shop welcomed more and more guests, each eager to share their suggestions and ideas. Some wanted to try their dates with nuts, others preferred chocolate. The brothers listened and started experimenting with fillings – cashews, pistachios, and almonds at first; then peanut butter, lotus cream, chocolate, and rose. As the team grew, staff began greeting shoppers with dates to taste – extending the Qinwan hospitality to all and helping Qinwan to develop its flavours and fillings even further.

Soon, demand for the dates was so great that Qinwan opened new stores in Qatar. The world’s leading airline, Qatar Airways, invited the brand on board to provide their premium dates to its premium passengers, allowing Qinwan to share its lovingly cultured products with people from all over the world.

As Qinwan grew so too did the brothers shared passion for the environment, leading them to implement a zero-waste policy. Delicious dates with minor cosmetic imperfections that didn’t meet Qinwan’s meticulous criteria for sale would not be thrown away. Instead, the brothers decided to use these dates to create a pioneering range of new products, like Lazy Date Cake and Date Cookies. 

Through a focus on artisanal excellence, sustainability, paralleled quality, and customer service - from Qinwan’s beautifully bespoke packaging to its exquisite range of over 50 fillings and huge array of customisation options, the award-winning brand is bringing the world’s most delicious dates to you. And, because the idea of gifting is still at the heart of what they do, Qinwan continues to offer free delivery to this day, for you, your families and your friends to enjoy.

With three boutiques in Qatar, a presence at Hamad International Airport, forthcoming openings in Europe, Russia, and the Middle East, and international shipping to over 200 countries, Qinwan is the premium choice to bring people together - from small family gatherings to weddings, celebrations, and large international events. The brothers’ dream of creating memorable experiences is becoming a reality - one date at a time.

Qinwan Franchise

Love our ethos and can’t get enough of our world-leading dates? Join Qinwan as a franchise partner and become part of the happiest team of date experts on the planet. If you are a like-minded company with a passion for perfection and an appreciation of the care, attention, and love that goes into producing our award-winning dates, get in touch with us at Franchise@qinwandates.com to find out more about franchise opportunities.